Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects Green Hills Kindergarten School
Green Hills Kindergarten School is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Green Hills Kindergarten School

The concrete parallelepipeds lean from one side to another encouraging the children to develop their creativity in maternal and in activity classrooms. For preschool, the development of the project becomes more linear and simple by a construction consisting of reinforced concrete bays supported on exposed concrete piers that give the impression of a concrete building on stilts, this elevated condition among with the terrain's slope favors the passage of rain water under the building. The classroom's slab design is fundamental to the integration of architectural design with education.

Green Hills Kindergarten School
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects Green Hills Kindergarten
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects School
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects design
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects design
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects

Committed professionals with society and its development, supported by 12 years working experience on the field of architecture, BROISSINarchitects was founded by Mexican architect Gerardo Broissin who is characterized for the development and contribution of innovative proposals in the solution of every project. The firm works to improve and to integrate diverse areas to their design process. Their work comprises an extensive range of forms, textures and ideologies. BROISSINarchitects is based on design groups lead by partners; Rodrigo Jimenez, Mauricio Cristobal, David Suarez, Alejandro Rocha, Alfonso Vargas, and Jose Luis Garcia.


Broissin Architects is an office dedicated a 100% to architecture, design and interior and exterior design planning. They have gathered experience and ability to understand better the client's need, as well as an attractive design, a better use of the space, a good economic result and finishing time. They look forward on innovating with specialized design process for each project in different disciplines. They perceive architecture as one of the most efficient tools that any human being can use as a benefit to others. They have offices in Mexico city, San Luis Potosi and recently in Tijuana.