Creative Media Southern Regional College E-Learning Website
Southern Regional College E-Learning Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Southern Regional College E-Learning Website

The college site was outdated, complex, unresponsive to mobile devices and delivered a poor user experience. The strategy was to create a modern responsive site which appealed to local students and grow interaction with business, industry, community associations and international students. The College provides centres of excellence for technology, business and industry providing pathways to employment. The site needed to applicable for use by all.

Southern Regional College E-Learning Website
Creative Media Southern Regional College
Creative Media E-Learning Website
Creative Media design
Creative Media design
Creative Media

Creative Media is a boutique design agency that has been successful for over 15 years in the delivery of leading-edge design. Their success is largely down to the passionate, ambitious and talented people involved, but in terms of outcome it is the marriage of people and process that makes them tick. In the years since they began, their staff has evolved and been added to with highly experienced and qualified designers, who can boast a combined total of almost 50 years working in the design industry - indeed 3 of their senior designers have won Irish and international Design Awards and recognition in recent years, giving them the pleasure of making a real change for clients. This experience, allied with their method of working, means they have a client churn of less than 6% per annum - indeed, many of their clients have worked with them from their inception.

Creative Media

Creative Media are a passionate creative business that uses design and innovative thinking to build brands and drive business growth. They make things happen. Transform businesses. Turn names into household names. Build brands. And they do it with the power of one thing. An idea. Creative Media work with businesses from tiny start-ups to major corporations and across every sector from FMCG and retail to healthcare, education, engineering, manufacturing and technology. And everything in between. Creative Media are based in Omagh, Northern Ireland, but their work goes around the world.