Lukas Avenas Tano Desk Lamp
Tano Desk Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Tano Desk Lamp

Tano is a simple desk lamp, which allows to easily manipulate light without sacrificing aesthetics. This creates optimal lighting for many different activities. The lamp uses very simple principles and consists of simple shapes, which allows it to melt into most interiors.

Tano  Desk Lamp
Lukas Avenas Tano
Lukas Avenas Desk Lamp
Lukas Avenas design
Lukas Avenas design
Vilnius academy of arts

The Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuanian: Vilniaus dailÄ—s akademija, previously State Art Institute of Lithuania) in Vilnius, Lithuania, grants a variety of degrees in the arts. The academy was created as a separate entity in 1940; it had previously been part of Vilnius University. It was closed during the Nazi occupation of Lithuania, and re-opened in 1944. In 1951 it was organized into the following departments: painting (including frescos, mosaics, and theatrical design), graphics, sculpture, architecture and design, and ceramics and textiles. The academy began working with UNESCO in 2002. Its museum holds about 12,000 pieces, ranging from the 16th century to the works of its most recent students and graduates.