Andrea Génova Voronoi Jewelry
Voronoi Jewelry is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Voronoi Jewelry

This is the first of a series of products that originates from the Voronoi diagram research. These Jewelry Sets capture the essence of the Voronoi diagram, which it's based on the partitioning of a plane into different regions. This is a copper and brass collection, produced in collaboration with expert jewelers from Madrid, which highlights the beauty of geometry . The complete collection has a strong personality; the lightness, elegance and purity of the design makes it perfect for any ocassion.

Voronoi Jewelry
Andrea Génova Voronoi
Andrea Génova Jewelry
Andrea Génova design
Andrea Génova design
Andrea Génova

"To experiment, to make mistakes, to discover, to start again!", this philosophy is the guide of Andrea Génova. In her projects, always inclined towards craftsmanship and experimentation of materials, in combination with industrial production, she tries to find an "industrial craftsmanship" that generates serial products, which in turn, become unique pieces with a strong and original concept. Andrea studied Industrial Design in Madrid, to later take a "Master of Product Design Labs" with Clive Van Heerden and Alvaro Catalan as tutors, where she combined porcelain and lighting to create the LIGHTFOLD project. Professionally, Andrea has participated in exhibitions displaying some of her work: "TENT London 2014 LondonDesignWeek", "DecorAcción 2014 AUDI Innovative Design Talent" or "Salone del Mobile, Milan 2013". Andrea currently works from Madrid, moving her products to various fairs and galleries, while working on several new projects, ranging from lighting, using sinuous curves, to jewelry pieces which follow pure geometry.

Andrea Génova

"Experiment, go wrong, discover, start over" this is Andrea's philosophy. Her projects always start with material experimentation, creating a combination of handcraft and industrial production. This way she achieves an “industrial craft” and the mass production of unique products with a strong and original concept. Andrea works in Madrid developing new projects from light to jewelry design, and at the same time keeps promoting and exhibiting her latests products in different Design fairs and galleries.