Mohammad Mirzamohammadi Thorny Tulip Ring & Pendant
Thorny Tulip Ring & Pendant is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Thorny Tulip Ring & Pendant

Most of the times in floral jewelry designs thorns are ignored because they are sharp or pointy. But in "Thorny Tulip" collection, thorns are the most important visual elements and get the most focus. So instead of making the thorns too dull, thorns has been placed carefully along the stem in an arrangement that keep them out from irritating the skin. As a result it creates a bold and beautiful contrast seeing pointy golden thorns side by side the delicateness of human body skin.

Thorny Tulip Ring & Pendant
Mohammad Mirzamohammadi Thorny Tulip
Mohammad Mirzamohammadi Ring & Pendant
Mohammad Mirzamohammadi design
Mohammad Mirzamohammadi design

Founded in 2014, Mina Contemporary Fine Jewelry is a newly established company based in Tehran, Iran. With its main focus on designing and manufacturing unique gold jewelry, Mina is a creative constructor of artistic jewelry pieces with unusual and distinctive designs. Mina’s unique approach to wearable art is attained through designers self-expression and storytelling.