Martin Enenkel Vosled LED-filament light bulb
Vosled LED-filament light bulb is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Vosled LED-filament light bulb

With the glass bulb, the LED-filament and the transparent ring between the glass bulb and the socket, the vosLED looks like Edison’s classic, does, however, only get hand-warm and weighs in with only 35 g. So it opens completely new opportunities to light designers and lighting manufacturers. The combination of different materials for leading and shielding of light for design and presentation reaches a completely new dimension. At the same time it uses all the potential of the LED-technology: a 90 percent lower energy consumption, ten times the lifetime and simple recycling.

Vosled LED-filament light bulb
Martin Enenkel Vosled
Martin Enenkel LED-filament light bulb
Martin Enenkel design
Martin Enenkel design

vosLED GmbH offers innovative solutions based on LED technology. vosla GmbH develops and manufactures innovative lighting solutions “Made in Germany”, which meet the exacting demands of the international automotive industry, the shipbuilding, railway and aviation industries and the medical technology sector. The company builds on more than 65 years of experience in the development and production of halogen lamps. The company’s technological competence and professional service guarantee that the customer will always receive high-end quality products. The product range comprises more than 500 different special lamps sold under the trademark NARVA and more than 100 different automobile bulbs sold under the trademark vosla to customers throughout the world. The company has concentrated all its departments – R&D, constructive mechanical engineering, glass working, coil production, mixed gas production and coating – at its facilities in Plauen. Its comprehensive manufacturing expertise and the short distance to its suppliers (80 percent of the suppliers are located within a radius of 150 kilometers) allow vosla to act flexibly and be a reliable partner for its customers.