CHANG-YU PAN Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell
Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Idea and Conceptual Design Award Category.
Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell

Bellpipes is an innovative bicycle bell. It combines a whistle with a bell and allows cyclists to choose different sounds as alarms according to the road conditions they face. The Bellpipe whistling is made by the wind power. Through The wind tunnel effect it can make sound with no electric power. The speed of the bike make the wind blow the whistle and sound the alarm. When The cyclist need to make long time alarm sound. They can switch the Bellpipe to whistle mode. The base of the Bellpipes is a revolving axle at 90 degrees. It can shut off the whistling while maintaining the bell function.

Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell
CHANG-YU PAN Bellpipes
CHANG-YU PAN Bicycle Alarm Bell

Chang-Yu Pan's work connects industrial design and art history together. He not only uses the concept of art history to analyze ancient implements, but also utilizes the same method to derive the modern product designs. During his time at Kymco Motor Company, he established the G series' main image, which still grows and expands today. Chang-Yu Pan is currently teaching design-related courses in college as well as continuing his work in the industrial design area with multiple clients such as Metal Industries Research & Development Center, Taiwan., Home Yu Products Design CO., LTD Taiwan., and Kymco Motor company, Taiwan. Chang-Yu Pan joint Dream workshop design house as Vice President 2016.

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