Sam Sum Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant
Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant

The main task of the designers is to turn new generation of Yoshinoya’s image from fast food chain into a higher quality brand image, turns the store at the core of the busiest commercial district of Hong Kong into a “Top House”. It represents the brand as top fashion, luxury, avant-garde and premium class with top quality of life, urging the busy pace of urban people to slow down, to enjoy optimized luxurious residential dining environment, spend quality time with friends, in order to deduce a new generation of "a new way of living".

Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant
Sam Sum Yoshinoya
Sam Sum Fast Food Restaurant
Sam Sum design
Sam Sum design
Yoshinoya Fast Food (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Yoshinoya believes in quality (Ryoshin Hinshitsu, meaning: Quality with Conscience). All our food is cooked to order with the best selected ingredients, providing food with the freshest and the finest quality. In order to provide customers with our incomparable excellent taste anytime anywhere, we continue our search for the truly best food. We deliver the finest food with speed, reasonable price and a cosy environment. Established in 1991, we now got 57 stores in Hong Kong.