Kuch Design Brickle C Small Building Blocks
Brickle C Small Building Blocks is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Brickle C Small Building Blocks

Brickle C is a small set of colored cork building blocks. They can be stowed in a handbag. They are used from Managers in Office Meetings and from Mummies when they are in a cafe with their children. The material characteristic of Cork do allow to build complex constructions due to the adhesive surface structure of cork. With KORXX young children are able to realize their imagination without getting lost in too much failure. As the materials does also have a light weight it is safe and silent in play.

Brickle C Small Building Blocks
Kuch Design Brickle C
Kuch Design Small Building Blocks
Kuch Design design

The production of natural and educational toys is the core of the PLES GmbH. With the brand KORXX, the PLES GmbH is offering toys that are made out of natural, granulated cork. The KORXX building blocks are created with a aesthetic standard. With the aim to have a minimalistic design and an aesthetic combination of form, color and smell, the PLES GmbH do create with KORXX a comprehensive sensory experience that let you experience in play happy moments. In the year 2010 KORXX has been invented and is now sold worldwide. The PLES GmbH is led by the Kuch family. The family has worked for many generations (since 1887) for the high-quality processing of wood and natural products. The origin of the understanding for Quality, Safety and Design of natural Toys relies in this family. Patricia Kuch is the inspiring element at KORXX. As a mother and a business women she knows that children need high quality and safe toys that stimulate the imagination and promotes development at the appropriate age-levels. It is the passion of KORXX to support children and parents in joint learning and playing in the best possible way. A good toy should create in the play first of all, fun, joy and many happy moments. This corresponds to the aesthetic need of the play environment in which a child is present. In a quiet and pleasant to the eye environment, a child can develop and pursue his dreams and ideas.