Wojciech Morsztyn Oiiio Multifunctional Coffe Table
Oiiio Multifunctional Coffe Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Oiiio Multifunctional Coffe Table

"OIIIO" is a modern bi-functional pice of furniture (coffee table + possibility of interiors by setting the tables in the system) designed by Polish designer Wojciech Morsztyn. The technology of switching individual elements table gives the impression as if it was made from a single piece of wood which gives it a unique feel. In a series of tables available in three different colors: natural wood color, black, white.

Oiiio Multifunctional Coffe Table
Wojciech Morsztyn Oiiio
Wojciech Morsztyn Multifunctional Coffe Table
Wojciech Morsztyn design
Wojciech Morsztyn design
WM Design

The newly created brand "WM Design".It is a young brand designer Wojciech Morsztyn. The main current is design and interior design. It focuses on the challenges that it poses to the modern world and design. Customers for whom work "wm design" is a specific group. From large companies to small secluded houses. Is a brand that is very young but is growing very fast.