Multidesign Innovation Burnt Charcoal Restaurant
Burnt Charcoal Restaurant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Burnt Charcoal Restaurant

This project was based on the transformation of charcoal. Spatial experiences are accumulated by receiving and expressing information with human senses. Visitors will be pleased by the water flow fulfilling hearing in foyer with curved form, flew on their surfaces. Lighting with reddish color and interlaced wooden trellis in dining area symbolized ferocious fire and pile of timbers. By the black color in exterior, visitors will realize the texture of charcoals burnt and cracked. Elements are interacting and transforming, with lighting effects, this space become a vivid and theatrical one.

Burnt Charcoal Restaurant
Multidesign Innovation Burnt Charcoal
Multidesign Innovation Restaurant
Multidesign Innovation design
Multidesign Innovation design
Multidesign Innovation

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Burnt Charcoal

Burnt Charcoal, a Korean BBQ founded in July 2012. The founder Kevin Chen took more than three years, back and forth between Korea and Taiwan, to learn the most authentic Korean food from Korean royal court cuisine. Burnt Charcoal emphasis on exquisite, authentic, traditional and original Korean cuisine. From Ingredients, tableware and menu are all based upon Korea. Burnt Charcoal also provides visitors a spacious and comfortable dining space, with professional air conditioning system and ventilation equipment. Moreover, live Jazz concert would be held on an irregular timetable, adding more romantic and fun atmosphere.