Gabriel Juliano Doppio Ring
Doppio Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Doppio Ring

This is an exciting jewel of mystical nature. “Doppio”, in its spiraling shape, travels in two directions symbolizing men's time, their past and their future. It carries the silver and the gold which represent the development of the virtues of the human spirit throughout its history on Earth.

Doppio Ring
Gabriel Juliano Doppio
Gabriel Juliano Ring
Gabriel Juliano design
Gabriel Juliano design
Gabriel Juliano

Gabriel Juliano Rodrigues, born in March 1987, began his career as a goldsmith at 16, thanks to the influence of his cousin and his grandmother. Coming from a family of artists, and student of Waldorf school, was already familiar with art, and had no difficulties adapting to the profession. His teacher soon noticed a great ability when he manually developed a goldsmith wooden tool that helped a lot in all his future projects. At 18, he attended a renowned school of arts in Brazil, and at age 23 joined a College of Jewelry Design, which helped him to further develop his design concepts, where he was given a standing ovation by all his colleagues and teachers by the perform in his final project, the "Abyssal Lights", inspired by the marine biology, that later in 2015 was improved, winning out the A'design Awards competition, with the name of "Night Light", along with two of his works: the "Natural Beauty", collection inspired in amazonic forest leaves and in the beauty of the female body; and the "Doppio" ring, inspired in time and human history.

Gabriel Juliano

Gabriel Juliano’s Brand was created by designer and goldsmith Gabriel Juliano Rodrigues, who has been working for the last three years at his studio, creating and crafting unique jewelry, offering customers the possibility to transmit visual sophistication and innovation.