José Leite Hooks Coat Hanger
Hooks Coat Hanger is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Hooks Coat Hanger

Simple and practical, Hooks represents a design where form follows function. One of the main concerns of the designer was creating a product that was cost effective and easy to produce, with the advantage of using a recyclable material. This resulted in an object that has a minimalist form but is also friendly and welcoming.

Hooks Coat Hanger
José Leite Hooks
José Leite Coat Hanger
José Leite design
José Leite design

LISLEI, Lda. was founded in October 1992, and pratices the areas of architecture and product design. Over the course of more than 20 years, the team accumulated experience in the conception of architecture projects and the development of product design, both in it's draft and it's production. Today the company is led by José Augusto Leite and his sons Tiago Martins Leite and José Martins Leite, presenting it's design activity with a group of products for development and comercialization.