Anita Savicka Soul Ring
Soul Ring is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Soul Ring

A free and beautiful soul. That is you.Can you hear the Soul ring sizzle its stories? It has such a lot to say, to whisper ancient tales, dreams and stories. About a free spirit, about authenticity, naturalness,the soul. This time the story is being told through Latvian symbols and feelings. Altogether it pulsates like the tartan of a folk costume shawl, the lively green forests of the Northern lands, smell of soil, stones, leaves and roots. The Soul Ring is minted from rose gold,under a film of brown rhodium, lightly matte, enriched with diamonds and tourmalines,with enamel or without.

Soul  Ring
Anita Savicka Soul
Anita Savicka Ring
Anita Savicka design
Anita Savicka design
Anita Savicka

A jewellery brand, ANITA SONDORE, that creates contemporary jewellery of the highest level of excellence, using gemstones and metals of exquisite quality, has been created in Latvia. At the heart of the brand is the distinguished Rome school of jewellery where the brand’s creator developed her mastery over many years with the Ermini family.Her unique and artistic jewelry pays homage to Riga's lavish past but is interpreted with a modern sensibility to empower the women who wear her jewelry.

Anita Sondore

ANITA SONDORE is Fine Jewellery brand from Riga. The brand is bold, has character and personality. Jewellery is inspired by the opulence of Northern Europe’s imperial cultural heritage and interpreted with modern sensibility. Unique and timeless Anita Sondore handcrafted jewellery make a powerful statement about the women who wear it.