Stéphane Leathead Exocet Multifunctional Chair
Exocet Multifunctional Chair is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Exocet Multifunctional Chair

Exocet is an innovative concept chair. The ergonomic design allows to transform it into various furniture styles. From a tall chair to a double lounge chair or hammock-style rocker, it can be configured in several ways to meet different needs and wants. The Exocet is crafted from a single main piece. Identical slats are assembled around a cylinder offering a 360˚ rotation. Once the desired configuration is obtained, the user simply tightens the handle to lock the chair into position. Exocet is a new kind of chair for all kinds of moments.

Exocet Multifunctional Chair
Stéphane Leathead Exocet
Stéphane Leathead Multifunctional Chair
Stéphane Leathead design
Stéphane Leathead design
Stéphane Leathead

Designarium is a consulting firm specializing in brand development and management, graphic design and furniture design, led by creative director, Stephane Leathead. The ultimate goal of the agency is to contribute to their clients' successes while enjoying every step of the creative process. In the past 10 years, Stephane designed numerous branding projects that often included three-dimensional forms (aspects). Consequently, furniture design was a natural progression for him. A recipient of national and international recognition for his branding and graphic design projects, Leathead's minimalistic style and artistic approach shine through his creations for Designarium, his new endeavour.


Designarium is a branding & furniture design studio. The Exocet brand was created by Stéphane Leathead creative director and designer at Designarium. The typography was designed to express the smoothness of the chair and the combined "x" and "o" represent one possible configuration.