Izabela Jurczyk Decorative papers Papers sampler
Decorative papers Papers sampler is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Decorative papers Papers sampler

The latest sampler of decorative papers is a tribute to elegant textures and unique colours. World design trends have their direct impact on the latest collections of presents papers, one can say that there is an equality sign between fabric and paper design as everything is taken into account: the fiber weave, texture felt under the fingertip, sophisticated colours, softness and thickness of the material. In order to highlight these exquisite products, the image of a modern, elegant gentleman was used. The sampler itself is dressed in a tailored suit to fit the demanding customer.

Decorative papers  Papers sampler
Izabela Jurczyk Decorative papers
Izabela Jurczyk  Papers sampler
Izabela Jurczyk design
Izabela Jurczyk design
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PaperlinX Sp. z o.o. is part of PaperlinX Ltd. We are company with a long, 23-year history. For 19 years (1991 – 2010) the company had operated throughout the market under the name of Mercator Papier Sp. z o. o. (up to 1998 under the name of Mercator Med S.A). In 1998 we became the part of Buhrmann Group. In 2003 PaperlinX Europe acquired 100% of PaperlinX Poland shares. In 2011 company changed its name into Zing Sp. z o.o. In August 2013 the last name change was announced. Now we operate under the brand PaperlinX Sp. z o.o. PaperlinX Ltd. invested into infrastructure and development of sales network, which enable us to present you with our complex offer and service in paper, logistics and packaging. SOLUTIONS We are fully aware that even the most complex projects are made up of many simple elements and so we take care of the simplest details to supervise the most complex solutions and we never forget that the final service delivery will be assessed by you, just as your clients rate your services. It is for this reason that we suggest simple, tried and tested solutions even in the execution of the most complex of projects. TRUST In today's times, it is not enough to have a highly diverse and comprehensive product offer. With so many opportunities in the world it is often difficult to choose between different options to select the best and most optimal solution. Out team has been expertly trained to advise our customers in the selection of printing substrate in any printing technology. We also have experts specially trained in packaging optimisation processes. It's good to have somebody to rely on! IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION New media, modern technologies and the age of virtual communication compel to take on a different approach to business. All of this has changed the world we live in making us work and communicate differently. Incorporate our experts and suppliers into your knowledge development and continuing education system in your companies and see how your company is changing to be a step ahead of the competition. Never fear, will definitely keep pace with you! CHANGES If you make us part of your team and give us your custom, you will soon experience how we anticipate you every one of your needs and expectations. If it is cost optimising solutions that you require we will always find a way in which you can save more money. If you need creative solutions that will surprise your clients, we will inspire you with a plethora of solutions. After all, we know everything there is to know about paper and packaging! OUR COMPANY IN RELATION TO OTHERS The printing industry is heading towards a responsible policy of sustainable development. We are also heading in the same direction. We are actively reducing the negative impact on the natural environment and supporting our clients in selecting the most environmentally-friendly solutions right from making the offer to the infrastructure stage of the process. The FSC and PEFC certificates that we were granted are a confirmation of our dedication in this field. Because of our conviction in the efficacy of messages carried by printed matter, we have been dedicated to propagating the responsible use of paper (e.g. through our PAPER CAFE magazine), as well as promotion of book reading among youth and children (the ACTIVE BOOK campaign) for a long time.