Amer Abidi FoodSmith FireWood Oven & Grill Restaurant
FoodSmith FireWood Oven & Grill Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
FoodSmith FireWood Oven & Grill Restaurant

An Old Blacksmith's Workshop, abandoned and turned down by time, only to be given birth again many years later as a FireWood Oven and grill restaurant. Built Almost entirely from reclaimed materials, FoodSmith restaurant in TajMall - Amman reflects what can be achieved when given the freedom to design without much client intervention. For this project, we've designed everything from Concept, to interior and Brand - Currently one of the most popular outing locations on Jordan!

FoodSmith FireWood Oven & Grill Restaurant
Amer Abidi FoodSmith
Amer Abidi FireWood Oven & Grill Restaurant
Amer Abidi design
Amer Abidi design

The Brand we created for FoodSmith revolves around the following description: A Smithy is a person who works in a metal workshop by heating, hammering and welding metals to form usable tools. This is where the Blacksmith, Silversmith, goldsmith, locksmith, arrowsmith etc.. names hail from. The idea behind the brand in relation to the space is to experience a Smithies workmanship. Hence giving just to the over use of copper, exposed rough walls, high fire, coal and smokey aura. Even the idea of the open kitchen utilising the brick oven manifests audio and visually the story of Foodsmith. The space too has comfortably yet eloquently gone over board with its roughness, rawness and exposure of these materials. This highly communicates the style the food is being served in. The visual communication uses emblematic graphics but in an authentic and rustic manner. Since the our design concept is about rawness, it is also about the rawness and freshness of the food. How food is being manipulated by the fire, in the oven and the open kitchen. Ergo the graphics carry old and intricate mechanical objects superimposing the softer fruits and vegetable foods.