Caesar (Hyongho Park) Lockerella Lock the umbrella
Lockerella Lock the umbrella is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Lockerella Lock the umbrella

Lock and make your umbrella your own. Nobody can use your umbrella because you can lock the umbrella. User's can lock their umbrella with their own password. To open the umbrella, users have to match the password. With this Lockerella, there is no need to worry about losing your umbrella wherever you go. Even you can control the locking part with just one hand holding the handle. Do not buy same umbrella twice anymore. You can use your umbrella until you feel like you do not want to use it anymore.

Lockerella Lock the umbrella
Caesar (Hyongho Park) Lockerella
Caesar (Hyongho Park) Lock the umbrella
Caesar (Hyongho Park) design
Caesar (Hyongho Park) design
Caesar (Hyongho Park)

Caesar, came from Korea, always wanted to be a person like Leonardo da Vinci. He loved to watch nature stuffs around him, just like da Vinci did. Before he study design, he used to see and read nature science related books, like anatomy, bioengineering. After he started to study design, this things become one of his main strength, his plentiful knowledges. Therefore even his concept designs look possible because all his works are based on those verified knowledge and facts.

Davincis United Creators

Davincis in 21C Davinci was one of the most creative person in the human history. His ability and creativity affected not only painting, but also science, and lots of fields that you can imagine. Modern society is so sophisticated that one man, even though Davinci reborn, can not affect to the whole field. Davincis United Creators want to have a effect to the world like Davinci. One man is weak, but many is powerful. We are many Davincis.