Mr. Hao He Heavenly Creation E-Book
Heavenly Creation E-Book is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award Category.
Heavenly Creation E-Book

To design a book in an interactive way is a hard work, specially for an ancient book. Heavenly Creation was the first encyclopedia in China, which is covering a wide range of technical issues. It takes a lot of researches, inculding questionnaires, interviews to understand how people use mobile device and how they interact with it nowadays to make this book into an E-book. Meanwhile they studied how image matters and animation can draw people's attention and guide people. All researches helped them to create a fun, interactive and meaningful learning experience for the target audience.

Heavenly Creation E-Book
Mr. Hao He Heavenly Creation
Mr. Hao He E-Book
Mr. Hao He design
Mr. Hao He design
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