Ting G Morrows Jewelry set
Morrows Jewelry set is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Morrows Jewelry set

Morrows explores all kinds of connections, through feeling, touching. Most importantly it explores new way to connect pearls inspired by our vertebral system. Vertebral is one of the most amazing things that God give us. The best framework in this world and the best way of connect. Repeating somehow is the best way to keep things pure and powerful. This is not an ordinary string of beads or pearls; this is a new way to connect them.It's a very easy way to product, and change the content to be a different item.

Morrows Jewelry set
Ting G Morrows
Ting G Jewelry set
Ting G design
Ting G design

Jewelry is not only for showing precious and beauty, but also spreading spirit and attitude. Everyone just a passenger in this world, please enjoy your own journey . Design should be functional, making people’s lives better. With jewelry design, she found the opposite is true. she was confused about how to do jewelry design for mankind, as she aims to balance emotion and functionality in the inspiration of her works. Doing so, she focuses not only on decoration but also on every little detail, connecting all elements well for a lively presentation. INIZIO found by Ting G Email: