Mostafa Arvand Catapult Urban Light
Catapult Urban Light is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Catapult Urban Light

Lighting has the power to enhance life in the city. No longer simply functional, it has become a creative art, contributing to attractive and inviting atmospheres that encourage night-time socializing and enrich the city’s night life. During the day, the luminaries’ design also plays an architectural role, complementing the street scene with style and beauty. Create a two-way light at different heights, adjustable in different angles that come with feature lighting helps. Going beyond functional outdoor lighting to help you create a unique and harmonious look for any public space.

Catapult Urban Light
Mostafa Arvand Catapult
Mostafa Arvand Urban Light
Mostafa Arvand design
Mostafa Arvand design
Mostafa Arvand

I am Babak Aghaei, and I have been in daily close contact with Mr. Mostafa Arvandbarmchi for more than 4 years. As I have found in my working career, few people get distinguished for their superior quality services and Mr. Arvandbaramchi is by all means one of them. He is quite famous in the GROUP for his personal quality services; among them I can mention extraordinary technical capabilities, excellent intelligence, very high work ethics, positive attitude and distinguished teamwork mentality, superior leadership, diligence, etc.

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Lighting Consultant and Executive Representative of the leading companies in Europe with over 20 years’ experience. " Specialized areas of activity: Lighting Design and Consultancy Sales systems, lighting (Lights Interior, exterior, lamp, LED, etc.) Design and construction of custom and decorative lighting (ceiling lights) Lighting professional services to private and public projects including: Office , commercial , residential ( hotels , residences, villas ) , healthcare ( hospitals , clinics ) , entertainment ( park ) , sports , theater ( amphitheater ) and ... Permanent exhibitions: Tehran - Freshteh Street - Tel: +98 2126204620