Nathan Wills Torch T1 Bike Helmet
Torch T1 Bike Helmet is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
Torch T1 Bike Helmet

The T1 bike helmet is the first bike helmet to have 10 integrated LED lights and rechargeable batteries. The white front and red rear lights are visible from 360 degrees, making the rider more visible to automobile traffic. The lights feature four different functions including flash and steady and will last from 2 to 12 hours between charges depending on the light function used. Projecting the lights onto shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses helps to disperse the light creating two large lit surfaces, ideal for being visible in traffic and in urban environments.

Torch T1 Bike Helmet
Nathan Wills Torch T1
Nathan Wills Bike Helmet
Nathan Wills design
Nathan Wills design
Torch Apparel

Torch Apparel is a brand that focuses on the safety and style of cyclists. With the launch of the T1 bicycle helmet, Torch has already set itself apart from many cycling brands. By focusing on riders' actual needs and using intelligent design to deliver versatile and original products, Torch will continue to set the standard for cyclist focused products. Torch is a private company created, owned, and operated by real cyclists who enjoy riding for daily transportation, bettering our community, and even the occasional competition. We are very proud and thankful for all of our supporters and the value and validity they bring to Torch.