João Faria Iris Butter dish
Iris Butter dish is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Iris Butter dish

Iris is a butter dish that will initiate an elegant meal. It's a piece that presents butter in a surprising and sophisticated way. Start your meal differently...

Iris Butter dish
João Faria Iris
João Faria Butter dish
João Faria design
João Faria design
João Faria

João Faria is an architect from Northern Portugal. After an 18 year activity in architecture and teaching, he has devoted his time to designing objects that really meant something for him. Emotional Objects is born from this passion. He designs objects for his needs and hopes that someone else likes it too. Objects are created from this need and then, the design is taken to its limits, without compromises. João makes its own prototypes and tests its ideas and solution like a sculptor. After testing one or several solutions, its time to choose the best artisans to make it feasible. Manufacturing it's always very limited, mostly due to the design characteristics. First of all, its a labour of love.

Joao Faria Concept

"Joao Faria Concept" is a new studio that takes a different approach to creation. The aim is to go beyond the "beautiful" and propose different concepts and ways to interact with simple tasks. The object line "Emotional Objects" which includes "Iris", tries to awake feelings towards simple objects and ask for empathy and amusement. Their motto is "If it isn't perfect for us, it will be unacceptable for our clients".