André Teoman Chartres Ceiling Lamp
Chartres Ceiling Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Chartres Ceiling Lamp

André Teoman was inspired by the technique used in the antique stained glass motifs of cathedrals. With Chartres he re-creates a new visual identity to the technique without religious motifs. With funny and ironic representations of a circle of life on earth in 6 chapters, it gives you a magical environment when turned on. With 6 different glass colors it re-creates how lightning should make you fell. More than just illuminating your needs, it fulfills a new emotional aspect for your home. Also the importance of the hand work in this piece was a major concern to create local sustainability.

Chartres Ceiling Lamp
André Teoman Chartres
André Teoman Ceiling Lamp
André Teoman design
André Teoman design
André Teoman

My biggest goal is to be and stay happy. Doing what I most love.... create unique objects that make a difference in someone's life. I've been envolved with the furniture and art luxury world for two years now, and I've been having great results creating pieces that make big brand impact and sales along side with Boca do Lobo, Koket and a small adventure at Brabbu. Some of the pieces I've developed had been considered trends in the design world by trend catchers as Nelly Rodi, and have been in many international publications. Besides concept designer and developer I've been working to perfect the production of this pieces always having an oportunity to visit and follow the production at PREGGO, an Portuguese furniture factory especialized in Prototypes. Beyond my life as a designer I've been at international fairs as Isaloni and Maison et Objet as a Public Relations/Sales team for both Boca do Lobo and Koket, always having a great time meeting our clients and friends. Now I've a new challenge in my professional life... as Creative Director of of my own studio, stay tunned to the page to read all about it.

Andre Teoman Studio

We pretend to create unique pieces, be involved with great projects, and you can count on making a difference in a positive way. Expect the unexpected, the true nature of design, unique and original work being born as you show us your needs. Emotions are what makes us humans, and emotional design is one of our key focus points as we believe in human centered design. More than material developers we are vessels of a creative way of looking at problems as Design Thinkers, developing structural concepts for all kinds of businesses. Resolving problems behind materialistic needs, you can count on solutions to adapt your business to our current needs. Be brave enough to count on the risk that can bring you to the next level with our vision.