Jiaxin Yu Communication Through The Ages Parallax scrolling website
Communication Through The Ages Parallax scrolling website is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Communication Through The Ages Parallax scrolling website

This is a parallax scrolling website introducing the evolution of communication through the ages. Each age is depicted in a color illustration. While the background and the costumes changes, the male characters' positions are fixed. The parallax scrolling technique makes it possible to show the gradual changes. The last illustration, which shows a large question mark, prompts the reader to think about the future of communication.

Communication Through The Ages Parallax scrolling website
Jiaxin Yu Communication Through The Ages
Jiaxin Yu Parallax scrolling website
Jiaxin Yu design
Jiaxin Yu design
Jiaxin Yu

Jiaxin is a SF bay area based multidisciplinary designer focused on UI/UX design. Her background of design and fine arts allow her to think strategically and also be skillful in visual execution. Jiaxin Yu has been perfecting her multidisciplinary skills through years of artistic experimentation and technological knowledge, used to develop innovative works that simultaneously reflect a strong artistic perspective. Within this specific field of multidisciplinary art, Jiaxin Yu specializes in UI/UX design, motion graphics, and branding. Further, based on her unique and creative technical skills, her multidisciplinary artwork often makes use of advanced technology and methodologies, such as multifaceted graphics, juxtapositions, and interactivity.

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