Himika Lakhanpuria Hedge Chair Chair Seating
Hedge Chair Chair Seating is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Hedge Chair Chair Seating

A seating element made in glass for transparency, with hedge growing underneath makes it a part of the outdoor surrounding. The idea was born when a beautiful lawn was blocked with a furniture opaque and concrete, spoiling the beautiful surrounding of the lawn and the hedges. Hence this idea of a transparent seating with bushes growing underneath so as to give the user a thrilling experience of Sitting on the Hedge.

Hedge Chair Chair Seating
Himika Lakhanpuria Hedge Chair
Himika Lakhanpuria Chair Seating
Himika Lakhanpuria design
Himika Lakhanpuria design
Firdos Furnishers

THE COMPANY!! FIRDOS FURNISHERS Located in Nagpur the heart of India surrounded by teak forests is also a haven for Teak lovers. Today, we have examples of furniture from the colonial period, which have maintained their beauty and integrity for over a hundred years. Our goal is to duplicate the quality, integrity of design, and beautiful simplicity of this old work-of-art. Many a times the old & antique furniture pieces which once upon a time decorated the houses of the Governors, and the Generals of the British India, the Kings of the Pre British India & the rich & the famous now are part of our collection which are restored under our constant supervision & direction. Our unique and time-honored construction features make our Collection part of the most enduring furniture being crafted today. The entire Collection is made completely by hand by some of the finest furniture masters and craftsmen who lovingly pay great attention to each detail. Great care goes into preparing the wood; and hand shaping, sanding, staining and French polishing these furniture masterpieces to perfection. FIRDOS FURNISHERS is run by a young energetic & talented heir of these extra ordinary skills & traditions of furniture making to refine & develop it to produce furniture pieces to suit the modern times & reminiscence the glory of the past. HISTORY!! FIRDOS FURNISHERS Established in 1934 by Mr. H. Firdosy, a leading organization from the British India Period which has been in the business of furniture making & interior decoration for more than last Eighty years, specializing in teak wood, classic & contemporary furniture. THE MAN BEHIND!! Architect & Designer by profession, Mr. Asad A. Firdosy responsible for the design & execution activities with a trained work force, working in a congenial & fully equipped work place, under the guidance of Mr. Adam H. Firdosy, a doyen of furniture industry for over 40 years. ABOUT THE PRODUCT!! The magnificent artistic skills of the artisans reflect the wide range of ethnic patterns. Furniture that was once exclusive to the royal palaces today adorns the drawing .rooms of the houses belonging to common man, thanks to the exquisite workmanship of our craftsmen. Interior decoration with these pieces is bound to offer elegance. The choice range from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork; from your living room to your kitchen.... they fill your house with taste and elegance. FIRDOS FURNISHERS does not only intend to sell furniture but customize the furniture to provide best solutions to suit the environment, space & mood of the user. A thoughtful solution not only takes time and efforts to develop into true landmark, but also requires the master skill inherited over generation. FINAL WORD!! Maintaining the reputation build over the years our most important code remains achieving the best consumer satisfaction record possible.