Nice Creative Venting sandbag Public service advertising
Venting sandbag Public service advertising is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Venting sandbag Public service advertising

When people get angry or exercise, who will choose the sandbags and other objects to vent their emotion. Sandbag is everyone can understand the visual language, advertising will the cat and dog metaphor adults’ daily vent, with the visual language expression and communication ability unique. Advertisement ‘I am not your vent sandbag’ let a person enjoys popular support, meaningful, thought-provoking, to a good education and inspiration to people, let more people to protect the cats and dogs, to prevent and protect other animals subjected to abuse.

Venting sandbag Public service advertising
Nice Creative Venting sandbag
Nice Creative Public service advertising
Nice Creative design
Nice Creative design
Nice Creative

Huang Yong: Xi'an Feasible Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. creative director In 2009, Saatchi & Saatchi Guangzhou International Advertising Co., Ltd. Art Director In 2010, because of race Advertising Co., Ltd. Guangzhou sun creative leader Honours: Animals Asia Foundation, won the audience award of public service ads, Beijing International Advertising Competition Award, the 21th China International Advertising Awards Bronze Yellow River, such as more than 30 domestic and international design awards.

Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Asia Foundation (Animal Asia Foundation, AAF), Animals Asia Foundation is a charity registered with the Government, is the founder Jill · Robinson (formerly behalf of IFAW Asia), founded in 1998, the picture bears Animals Asia Foundation campaign headquarters protection located in Hong Kong and offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Animals Asia Foundation is committed to rescue and help Asian wild, domesticated and endangered animals. Appeal to stop the killings and the use of cats, dogs and other household pets as food catering, and called for elimination of the catheter into the abdominal black bear bile extraction bear farming, and want to replace the use of drugs by promoting eliminate drug production using animal organs as raw materials, save China and Vietnam bears (moon bears).