Sanam Hatef Invocation Ring
Invocation Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Invocation Ring

This design breaks the borders of thought. For a single moment it makes the human to get closer to her nature. a person that this ring belongs to will always be in the thought of its originality. The domical shape of this work shows in the religion of a large number of people in a symbolic way. At the same time it can attract the taste of smart ladies who are keen on over-special handmade products. The intertwined like a nest outlook of this ring almost gives the feeling of safeness and peace to its owner in an indirect way.

Invocation Ring
Sanam Hatef Invocation
Sanam Hatef Ring
Sanam Hatef design
Sanam Hatef design
Sanam Hatef

Sanam Hatef went to school in Iran, Tehran. She graduated from High School in 2004. She always had an interest in art and design. This made her join the Art Entry Examinations for university in Iran after high school graduation. The entry for university in Iran, especially in Arts is very competitive. However, she managed to succeed in entry to “Hand Crafts” at Sooreh University. First, she was attracted towards textile design and print. She started a women clothing business with her sister called “Hanna” where they printed their own textile; they managed to sell their cloths successfully for sometimes. But the changing market in Iran, and her growing interest in jewelry design made her change her focus. She started taking classes in Jewelry Design at the Institute of Gohareh Aryan, under Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the well-known jewelry designer in Iran. After taking preliminary classes, since she had lot of interest and talent in this field, she started working as a full time jewelry designer at different Jewelry companies in Tehran, Iran. Some of her work has become one the best seller designs in Iran. However, unfortunately in Iran there is no copy right system where the designer would have rights and privileges to her own products. Sanam would like to progress as a designer and be able to create her own brand one day.


Sanam brand tries to create original and authentic designs. Sanam brand strives to create beauty with an intrinsic meaning, and to carry an important message. Sanam brand integrates beauty and meaning to influence its audience. This brand was created by Sanam Hatef, the known jewelry designer in Tehran, Iran. She created this brand with the hope to create original work with the copyright preservation, something that is hard to arrive at in a society that doesn't respect copyright.