Raza Ali Dada Minus 13 Desk
Minus 13 Desk is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Minus 13 Desk

The desk is inspired by the designer's general sense and pursuit of clarity through simple design concepts. An idea that was born out of a third party's relatively complex needs developed into its most reduced form - bold and simple enough to convince the user to follow the path of its development. The final object attempts to add or attract interest through purity and silence. Balance and composition through sensitive proportions, simple construction method and delicate details leave behind an impression deeper than its visual impact.

Minus 13 Desk
Raza Ali Dada Minus 13
Raza Ali Dada Desk
Raza Ali Dada design
Raza Ali Dada design
Raza Ali Dada

Raza takes an approach to design that enables him to resolve and simplify a wide range of attributes related to design and architecture. By virtue of location and form, his viewpoint includes beyond the end product or building, the contributors whose efforts shape parts of the project. Living in a developing country he feels such an approach to be integral with creative thinking. This resolve is apparent in a clean and minimal aesthetic enriched by a meaningful concept and intent. He constantly feeds on all forms of art to inform his practice and teaching.


Minus is a simple idea that responds to excess and attempts to simplify solutions so they are solely dedicated to a purpose that may be of inquiry or investigation while in pursuit of function. Many creative ideas come about in the studio everyday, and many disappear as one continues to pursue an academic or professional career. Having and being involved with an idea is but natural, but having to turn it into an object is getting one step closer. To what? We need not know. This subtraction of an idea taken away by physical form is also central to Minus. What is taken away must be essential and honest while hopefully setting the stage for the next subtraction to take place. Works: There are a number of objects that have been created as studies aimed to explore various aspects of object design. They range from weight, to spatial phantoms or may even explore appropriation through existing or found objects serving well in some other spheres.