Andrea Ciappesoni the Light in the Bubble Lamp
the Light in the Bubble Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
the Light in the Bubble Lamp

The Light in the Bubble is a modern light bulb in memory of the old filament Edison's bulb light. This is a led light source fitted inside a plexiglas sheet, cutted by laser with a light's bulb shape. The bulb is transparent, but when you turn on the light, you can see the filament and the bulb shape. It can be used like pendent light or in replacing a traditional bulb.

the Light in the Bubble Lamp
Andrea Ciappesoni the Light in the Bubble
Andrea Ciappesoni Lamp
Andrea Ciappesoni design
Andrea Ciappesoni design
Andrea Ciappesoni

Andrea Ciappesoni is an italian designer, his creations are a mix of traditional italian style and modern futuristic design. He loves to play with materials and find new application of them expecially In lighting. He like to use naturals materials as stones, glass, fibers, graphite ... but sometime he plays with plexiglas. He belive the design needs to bé shocking and impressive, he is studing the 3th dimension applied to the design.

Ciappesoni lighting+design

Andrea Ciappesoni is an Italian light designer that produce with his own brand Ciappesoni. He likes to mix classic and ultramodern style, using traditional materials worked with innovative technologies. His productions are truly fascinating, minimals, simple and elegant; all the products are designed and made in Italy, always with great attention to the quality for give the best satisfation to the customer.