Pulsinelli Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist Retail
Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist Retail is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist Retail

Pulsinelli’s design for Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist is the result of contrast between ordinary materials and cutting-edge technology. The materials used for the 200m2 boutique are also in contrast with the familiar shapes. The display tables, with classic sculpted legs, are made of raw concrete while the wood wall paneling’s pattern is printed on glass and the warm wood floor is stained in a cool gray/blue. To allow clear visibility and emphasize space continuity, a concrete table cuts through the glass partition that separates the retail area from the training area.

Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist Retail
Pulsinelli Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist
Pulsinelli Retail
Pulsinelli design
Pulsinelli design

Based in Toronto, Pulsinelli is a multidisciplinary Interior Design firm specializing in Retail, Condominiums, Commercial, Residential and Hospitality projects. Since 2004, the firm has undertaken projects in Canada, the United States and Europe. Projects created at Pulsinelli, express elegance and sophistication while reflecting the client’s values. Each interior is crafted to result in a contemplative but also functional space, which evokes the desired emotional response in people. At Pulsinelli, the distinctive aesthetics of each project evolve from a particular sensibility, attention to details and a consideration for the final purpose. A unified global vision and consideration for cultural context, lifestyle and functional requirements, combined with a forward-thinking design approach, results in signature interiors.

Outpost 2 - Apple Specialist

Outpost 2 – Apple Specialist is a located in London Ontario, Canada. The store is an Apple devices and accessories retailer but also a service provider for private or corporate customers. They provide training sessions, workshops on how to utilize Apple products to their fullest potential and Apple's product solutions for businesses.