Christine Alexandre Lotus Collection
Lotus Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Lotus Collection

Nature is the major word to speek about this collection of jewels. The style reach the essence of plant life substance with different textures, matt and polished surfaces playing with lights and shadows. The aim is to create a jewel which is unique as deeply connected to nature with its sensitivity and sensuality. This collection both timeless and original is an interpretation of a fragment of nature which was here lotus seeds.

Lotus Collection
Christine Alexandre Lotus
Christine Alexandre Collection
Christine Alexandre design
Christine Alexandre design
Christine Alexandre

Chris Alexxa creates Silver Jewelry. Design of jewels is inspired by nature and all it's kind of shapes and textures. Nature becomes a pretext to give life to jewels, playing with textures lights and shadow. Shapes, structures of plant life are rich and give an infinity of possibilities. The aim is to emphasize the essence of plant life to provide a jewel both discreet and visible to get a timeless piece of Nature deeply connected to it.

Chris Alexxa jewels

"A jewel is nearly always to the skin, it is a reflection of your personality, it must be in harmony with you ... Like a second skin, it is part of your natural elegance and nature. Chris alexxa creates jewelry as a tribute to sensuality and femininity. For modern women looking for originality and creativity sensitive. Chris Alexxa collections are full of personality. Both timeless and original, each piece is a sensitive interpretation of a fragment of nature. The result is unique in style and the way of execution, each jewel reflects a passion.