Diana Sokolic Lacey Cuff Bracelets
Lacey Cuff Bracelets is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Lacey Cuff Bracelets

We all have drawers full of the lace made by our mothers and grandmothers. Those doyleys were used as the decoration on coffee tables, tv-sets, or armchairs. Nowadays, they have emotional value, but no use. Diana Sokolic made cuff bracelets with lace between two plates of transparent Plexiglas. Beautiful pieces made with love and patience have regained their purpose connecting our past with our present.

Lacey Cuff Bracelets
Diana Sokolic Lacey
Diana Sokolic Cuff Bracelets
Diana Sokolic design
Diana Sokolic design
Diana Sokolic

Diana Sokolic is a professional artist from Croatia. She has graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and works as a free-lancer since. Her main field of interest is light in art and she makes lumino-kinetic installations of Plexiglas and LED light. Except that, she teaches art, makes photographs and designs.

Diana Sokolic

Diana'S is a young, Croatian brand, completely designed and produced by Croatian professional artist Diana Sokolić from Zagreb. All the materials used are from Europe. Diana'S jewelry has won silver award for fashion design at A'DESIGN AWARD 2013 in Como, Italy. It has been presented in all major Croatian newspapers and journals, as well as in British Vogue, Tattler, InStyle and Marie Claire and at WHO'S NEXT 2014 fashion fair in Paris.