Sandy Richardson Moose Kicking Tee
Moose Kicking Tee is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Moose Kicking Tee

Moose is a completely new way to support ovoid balls for training and game use. The Moose Tee provides space for the foot to kick straight through under the ball, enabling the drop punt technique to be used. The 4 point contact supports on the antlers are positioned to allow clean ball flight. There are no other products with this feature. The Moose significantly improves kicking accuracy and consistency. Designers Sandy Richardson, Shannon Day, David MacKay

Moose Kicking Tee
Sandy Richardson Moose
Sandy Richardson Kicking Tee
Sandy Richardson design
Sandy Richardson design
Sandy Richardson

Sandy Richardson is Managing Director and owner of Design Edge consultancy for 26 years providing industrial design research and development, concept design, engineering detailing, prototype manufacture and testing, preparation of manufacturing specifications and organising manufacture for Australian and International companies. Products include electrical, furniture, medical, security, lighting, sporting and consumer items. Consultancy services have also involved graphics, branding, packaging, GUI, web sites, exhibitions and environmental design. Experienced in organising tooling and manufacture of product in Australia, China, Taiwan and Thailand. Experience in searching and reviewing Patents, Design Registrations and Trade Marks as well as Design Expert Witness work in litigations.

Moose Kicking Tee

Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company specialising in the design and production of the Moose Kicking Tee. Moose is part of the Concourse Golf Group. Concourse specialise in the design and production of premium golf buggies and the unique in-built Concourse Connection for golf bags. Based in Sydney Australia, Concourse Golf is involved in the research and development of quality sporting products.