Zachary Milaskey Vinylize Toney Eyewear
Vinylize Toney Eyewear is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Vinylize Toney Eyewear

Vinylize Toney is an optical frame up-cycled from unwanted vinyl records. The frame was designed for maximum comfort. The frame front is made by fusing a vinyl record with cellulose acetate. This makes it possible for opticians to insert prescription lenses and also lends the frame its unique black look. The temples are made from hypoallergenic cellulose acetate and house a metal core which makes them easily adjustable. The use of old records has given the collection a distinctive look. The frame is big, thick and rugged and the grooves are an integral part of the design.

Vinylize Toney Eyewear
Zachary Milaskey Vinylize Toney
Zachary Milaskey Eyewear
Zachary Milaskey design
Zachary Milaskey design

Budapest based design studio Vinylize was founded by Zachary Tipton in 2004. Since the beginning company's main focus is inspiring people to think differently about recycling, reusing and reducing. The design is strongly influenced by the materials they use. The first project was upcycling unwanted vinyl records into different small objects: eyeglass frames, cases, lamp shades, stands and record adapters.