In-hwan, Hwang Ws-51 Slipper stand
Ws-51 Slipper stand is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ws-51 Slipper stand

The design started with an idea that slippers itself become a design rather than hidden-stored. With the inspiration from wave, pebble and island, slippers decorate the wave flow in the open condition. For the pursuit of easy and tidy way to store slippers, the method of hanging slippers on the rods was applied according to the research result. Due to separable design, it is easy to pack and store and people can participate in the design with changing the arrangement of maple rods and colorful slippers.

Ws-51 Slipper stand
In-hwan, Hwang Ws-51
In-hwan, Hwang Slipper stand
In-hwan, Hwang design
In-hwan, Hwang design
In-hwan, Hwang

Tail yard design shows its features, related to nature, especially ocean. Wave images, whale tails, ships, sea organism, and etc, all things from ocean influence its design. Its design which starts from the motif become various with modular design and multiple matrial applications, taking advantages of its characteristics such as leather, metal, and wood. Its design is receiving good reputations from the exhibitions due to it's distinctive design.

Tail yard

Tail yard was established in 2012. Most of its furniture is inspired from the ocean such as wave, whale tail, ships, etc. Also, we are trying to use new material or structure which has never seen before. WS-51 concept is also aligned with Tail yard' pursuit. WS-51 was designed for the project, 'hanging'. Several designers in Tail Yard had a exhibition in Seoul with hanging concept as a brand promotion.