anna rita emili Inflatable House Post Disaster House
Inflatable House Post Disaster House is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Social Design Award Category.
Inflatable House Post Disaster House

The white (or printed) PVC unit evokes the shape of a traditional house and relies on a modular structure. It is made of inflatable elements 1,60 m (usable) wide, 2,70 m long and 27 cm wide each. Anchored to a system of composite plastic platforms (recycled and recyclable material), the modules are connected by zippers that make the unit waterproof. Once the unit’s length is set, each module ends with non-inflatable filling panels that include either a door or a window. These elements, that allow for the unit’s ventilation, are also fitted with a system of side zippers. Protection from sun ray

Inflatable House Post Disaster House
anna rita emili Inflatable House
anna rita emili Post Disaster House
anna rita emili design
anna rita emili design
anna rita emili

The activity of altro_studio mainly addresses the new ways of living the house: temporary, flexible, transformable, mobile ways of living the house. Understanding the new needs of the individual, both on a functional and on a structural level, is what propels altro_studio in its research about new technologies (mainly automation) and new materials with particular reference to the problems of environmental sustainability. altro_studio can take project starting form preliminary planner up to executive planner, and consider new technology and new materials as important instrument for contemporary good planner.


altro_studio is research centre based on natural or social disaster, proposing new architectural solutions that allows to give answers to phenomenons (earthquakes, flash flood, landslide jointed at other social phenomena as information science, immigrations etc..), that are dep-seated in Italy. altro_studio consider natural and social phenomenos as new place to work for architectural projects were is possible to find new architectural languages. In second time altro_studio consider sustainable energy system as another material to utilize in projects. This fact allows to have internal house comfort also in extrime natural conditions. Is very important to consider the architecture as self-sufficient instrument for the people that lives all over the world.