XCEPT Nike Mobile Truck Innovative Running Experience
Nike Mobile Truck Innovative Running Experience is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interface and Interaction Design Award Category.
Nike Mobile Truck Innovative Running Experience

Initiated by the running shoes campaign's core message 'Let the Run Tell You Why', the installation would inspire the runners their reason of running through an innovative running experience. The design team created an immersive installation inside a mobile truck and let it stop by different targeted running spots for the shoes trialling. On beyond, the installation would need runners to drop down their reason for the run and share through social network to inspire the others.

Nike Mobile Truck Innovative Running Experience
XCEPT Nike Mobile Truck
XCEPT Innovative Running Experience
XCEPT design
XCEPT design

XCEPT (previously named as XEX) is a hybrid innovative studio, crafting unique experience at the junction of art, technology, design and culture. We create tailor-made and high-end innovations to tell brand stories without loss in translation, harnessing every medium with our most authentic ideas. In the fast-paced digital world, we do not only fabricate latest technologies to its most accessible and intuitive form, but also embrace dated tools for improved applications. At XCEPT, creations are timeless and boundless. Since 2008, we have been known as XEX, the team reputable for thinking and move a step ahead of its fellows. Along with our breadth of capabilities and techniques gathered in the past, we now take you on a new journey - to the exceptional moments, only once in a lifetime.

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