Dmitry Pogorelov Zeitgeist Clock
Zeitgeist Clock is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Zeitgeist Clock

The clock is reflected the zeitgeist, which is associated with smart, tech and durable materials. High-tech face of the product is represented by a semi torus carbon body and time display (light holes). Carbon replaces metal part, as a relic of the past and emphasizes the function part of the clock. The absence of central part shows that innovative LED indication replace classical clock mechanism. Soft backlight can be adjusted under their owner's favorite color and a light sensor will monitor the strength of illumination.

Zeitgeist Clock
Dmitry Pogorelov Zeitgeist
Dmitry Pogorelov Clock
Dmitry Pogorelov design
Dmitry Pogorelov design
Dmitry Pogorelov

In designing things preferred logical approach without using props. In today's world too much attention is paid to style, with content not paid much attention. In the process of designing embedded several spiritual approach, because this side is receiving less attention, leaving the world of technology. The combination of spiritual and technological approach gives results are unique design things.

NCC Russia

“Nanotechnological Composite Center” (NCC) is a part of Holding Company “Composite”, which produces carbon fibers, prepregs as well as composite products. NCC is responsible for the design, manufacturing and commercialization of composite products.