Pulsinelli BloorWest Apple Specialist
BloorWest Apple Specialist is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
BloorWest Apple Specialist

Unique contrast between live wood table coordinated with cottage feel of interiors, and sleek design of futuristic Apple products, has become the outstanding characteristic of this store. No one could see a Macbook-Pro under a staggered stressed wood canopy sitting on a live wood table. this contrast in combination with sculptural floating accessory units that are illuminated from underneath, draws attention to the interior of this Apple specialist retail store and makes it different from other expected Interiors.

BloorWest Apple Specialist
Pulsinelli BloorWest
Pulsinelli Apple Specialist
Pulsinelli design
Pulsinelli design

Based in Toronto, Pulsinelli is a multidisciplinary Interior Design firm specializing in Retail, Condominiums, Commercial, Residential and Hospitality projects. Since 2004, the firm has undertaken projects in Canada, the United States and Europe. Projects created at Pulsinelli, express elegance and sophistication while reflecting the client’s values. Each interior is crafted to result in a contemplative but also functional space, which evokes the desired emotional response in people. At Pulsinelli, the distinctive aesthetics of each project evolve from a particular sensibility, attention to details and a consideration for the final purpose. A unified global vision and consideration for cultural context, lifestyle and functional requirements, combined with a forward-thinking design approach, results in signature interiors.

BloorWest Apple Specialist

Apple Specialty stores, Pulsinelli explains, are a more streetfront-oriented operation and targeted to a specific demographic, “like when you go into a Starbucks café and you feel it’s part of the neighbourhood.” To that end the mission statement, near the front of the store -– a 1,500-square-foot Apple Specialist on Toronto’s Bloor Street West – cites Toronto luminaries Jane Jacobs and Marshall McLuhan, helping it resonate with the locals.