Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design High Grass Classic Bookshelf
High Grass Classic Bookshelf is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
High Grass Classic Bookshelf

High Grass is a dynamic bookcase in which no two shelves are similar. With High Grass, storage becomes motion. The bookshelf is a living organism inspired by the high grass of the meadow, and it is designed to interact with the objects it stores. When filled with books, music, and other personal items, the bookcase acquires a sculpture-like quality. Instead of just storing things, High Grass becomes a swaying, almost dancing, sculpture. This design confronts the omnipresence of square cubes in the world of bookcases and transform the very way we understand storage.

High Grass Classic Bookshelf
Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design High Grass Classic
Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design Bookshelf
Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design design
Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design design
Jiri Pliestik - Bjast Design

Jura Pliestik is Bjast’s creative designer. Educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Jura works mostly with abstract figures, incorporating aspects from nature and the human body into his works. His works can be found in public spaces across the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. Bjast is a new, Danish furniture design firm that aims to bring natural forms to the world of bookshelves. We have introduced a unique bookshelf design that brings natural movement and flows into living spaces and offices. The quality bookshelves are handmade in a small workshop in the Czech Republic.

Bjast Design

Bjast Design is a small design company specialising in book shelves. Our ambition is to confront the box's monopoly on the bookshelves of the world. We will let the square dissolve and transform the patterns of the traditional bookshelf. We create designs that invite the movement and dynamism of nature into living rooms, reception areas, meeting rooms, and offices. We promote designs that let the shelves be as diverse and full of fantasy as the books they store. Bjast Design is based in Denmark.