Zhonghao Wu New Media Club Logo Corporate image
New Media Club Logo Corporate image is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
New Media Club Logo Corporate image

Media forms, such as digital magazines, digital newspapers, digital broadcasting, SMS, network, desktop, windows, digital TV, digital cinema, media, touch

New  Media  Club  Logo Corporate image
Zhonghao Wu New  Media  Club  Logo
Zhonghao Wu Corporate image
Zhonghao Wu design
Zhonghao Wu design
Vision Strategic Wuzhonghao

Vision Strategic Design Alliance is Asia's only a network platform for the organization of the professional design agencies, build cutting-edge designers to join China, to develop China's pioneer in cutting-edge design. China's cutting-edge design strength can not be ignored, but also Chinese design future successor, the design agency strategic alliances young designers to optimize and promote the Chinese community to establish effective communication culture, business environment for the purpose. 2013 with the Italian Federation of Chinese designers, the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Design for academic exchange activities, a strategic partner. International Graphic Designers Association (ICOGRADA) as a support unit for the visually strategic alliance adds luster.