Terry Chow Ni LED Parasol
Ni LED Parasol is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Ni LED Parasol

NI, the innovative combination of parasol and garden torch, is a brand new design embodying the adaptability of modern furniture. Integrating a classic parasol with versatile lighting system, NI Parasol is expected to play a pioneering role in enhancing the quality of street environment from morning to night. The proprietary finger-sensing OTC (one-touch dimmer) allows people to adjust the brightness of the 3-channel lighting system at ease. Its low-voltage 12V LED driver provides an energy-efficient power supply for the system with over 2000pcs of 0.1W LEDs, which generates very little heat.

Ni LED Parasol
Terry Chow Ni
Terry Chow LED Parasol
Terry Chow design
Terry Chow design
Terry Chow

Foxcat is a brand new product design label under Excellent Limited, the reputed trading company for Nordic countries. Seeking to achieve a balance among design, function and environment, Foxcat develops luxury but minimalist user-friendly products that fit in with restaurants, hotels and resorts. Combining proprietary technology with appreciation in classics, it offers fresh decorating ideas for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


FOXCAT products are minimalist, simple to use but also luxury. Our vision is to seek a balance among design, function and the natural environment. We are constantly working on energy-efficient products that encourage people to live greener while at the same time their life can be enriched by the design.