Prompong Hakk CVision MBAS 2 Automated Immigration Terminal
CVision MBAS 2 Automated Immigration Terminal is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
CVision MBAS 2 Automated Immigration Terminal

MBAS 2 was designed to defy the nature of security products and minimize intimidation and fear for both technological and psychological aspects. Its design reinterprets familiar home computer elements to provide a Thai user-friendly look for Thailand’s border crossings. Voice and visuals on the screen guide first time users step by step through the process. The dual colour tone on the finger print pad clearly indicates scanning zones. MBAS 2 is a unique product that aims to change the way we cross borders, allowing for multiple languages and a friendly non-discriminating user experience.

CVision MBAS 2 Automated Immigration Terminal
Prompong Hakk CVision MBAS 2
Prompong Hakk Automated Immigration Terminal
Prompong Hakk design
Prompong Hakk design
Prompong Hakk

At shakes we believe that good Design is an inspiring medium to create beautiful user experiences that connect innovative functionality with emotional form and open the doors to users' heart. True to our name we like ideas that have the ability to disrupt the way that we have thought and limited ourselves. If we get a chance to do some differently then we work to see it come to life despite the obstacles that are instantly visible. Nothing in this world is consistent except change and we believe that we as mankind have proven over and over that we are capable of so much more than we let ourselves believe. It's simply in the drive to push through the limits of our imagination and that's what our Designers at shakes are inspired to do, to create a really great experience.

Chanwanich Company Limited

Chanwanich Company Limited commissioned shakes bkk to design the new MBAS 1 hoping to push their brand onto international level and provide a well designed solution to their high profile clients. Chanwanich Company Limited is the longest-established security printer in Thailand with over 89 years of experience behind us. We have a long history of supplying high quality security printing to our customers and we are continuing to expand, whilst remaining true to our founding principles of offering high quality products. shakes bkk is a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy under creative supervision of Prompong Hakk, a Thai born German Designer. We integrate services of all creative aspects required to launch successful products. We create brand strategies, innovative user experiences, engaging packaging and thoughtful communication. We help our clients achieve growth and recognition by daring to challenge the obvious and creating fresh alternatives that have the energy to disrupt markets. We are a fully loaded creative power house, home to both Designers and Engineers who work together during the creation stage.