Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch. Piano Radiator
Piano Radiator is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Piano Radiator

The inspiration for this Design came from Love for Music. Three different heating elements combined, each resembling one Piano key, create a composition that looks like a Piano keyboard. The length of the Radiator can vary, depending on the characteristics and propositions of the Space. The conceptual idea have not been developed into production.

Piano  Radiator
Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch. Piano
Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch. Radiator
Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch. design
Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch. design
Margarita Bosnjak, M.Arch.

Margarita Bosnjak is a London-based Architect and Designer. Born in Croatia, she got her Master's Degree in Architecture at University of Zagreb in 2004, where she had worked for several years as a licenced Architect. Margarita got her Master's Degree in Arts and Design Practice at Bucks New University in United Kingdom in 2013 and continues to work as a Designer and Architect. In her work she tries to appreciate the importance of a whole context, as well as a single detail. Margarita also has a passion for photography and travel.

Margarita Bosnjak

Margarita Bosnjak is a London-based Designer and Architect. She has several years of professional experience in designing buildings, interiors, furniture and products. Margarita's modus operandi has always been to understand the importance of the detail, as well as the whole context of the brief.