Mary Zayman Moon Curve Ring
Moon Curve Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Moon Curve Ring

The natural world is in constant movement as it balances between order and chaos. A good design is created from the same tension. Its qualities of strength, beauty and dynamism stem from the artist's ability to remain open to these opposites during the act of creation. The finished piece is the sum of countless choices the artist makes. All thought and no feeling will result in work that is stiff and cold, whereas all feeling and no control yields work that fails to express itself. The intertwining of the two will be an expression of the dance of life itself.

Moon Curve Ring
Mary Zayman Moon Curve
Mary Zayman Ring
Mary Zayman design
Mary Zayman design
Mary Zayman

Mary Zayman is a Jewelry Artist currently living and working out of her home studio in Brooklyn New York. Her works are one of a kind and are made using a broad range of materials, tools, and techniques including forging and the lost wax casting technique. Her work is eclectic in that she does not adhere to any one style or trend. The driving force behind her work is creative self-expression. Her background as a mixed media painter and collagist can be seen in the breadth of her work.

Mary Zayman

Mary is an artist living in Brooklyn where she works in her home studio. Self expression has always been a central focus of her life. Previously Mary worked in a wide variety of mediums including collage, painting, and constructed objects. She now brings her creative passion to her work as a jewelry artist and sees this as continuation of her earlier endeavors.