Ho Kan Hung, Marco Maolus Digital Writing Instrument
Maolus Digital Writing Instrument is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Maolus Digital Writing Instrument

The name of this design is called máolus – meaning máo bi (Chinese brush) + stylus. In Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, it is practiced in a unique way that requires the user to hold the brush in a vertical gesture. Moreover, the tip of the brush is always kept pointed for easier control of brush stroke width. The nylon rope at the end of the brush is a salute to the traditional Chinese brush design. Overall, the máolus is a combination of Chinese heritage with today’s technology, integrating the past wisdom into future possibility.

Maolus Digital Writing Instrument
Ho Kan Hung, Marco Maolus
Ho Kan Hung, Marco Digital Writing Instrument
Ho Kan Hung, Marco design
Ho Kan Hung, Marco design
Ho Kan Hung, Marco

As a practitioner in the marketing and design field for many years, Marco believes design is a powerful medium that infuses value into many aspects of our daily life. He also believes design is an influential tool that could greatly enhance the value of products in the commercial field. It is therefore important for every designer and marketer to comprehend the concept of integration between design and the business discipline. He will strive to communicate and broaden this message to clients and people he encounters to promote the significance of design in the society.

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Brainster Group is a design firm offering design consultancy service to Hong Kong and Mainland China market. The range of services include branding, promotion, interactive and product design. The company also design, license and manufacture character products targeted on the teenage and young adult segment.