Yasumichi Morita Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station
Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station is Platinum Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station

Randen Arashiyama Station is located in central of Arashiyama and in opposite of Tenryuji-temple. The elegant lighting forest has been created in the platform with approx. 600 poles rapped with Kyoto Yuzen kimono fabrics. This station is hoped to be a special place for various people and give them a dramatic moment, so it was designed wishing it would bring happiness and give an ever-fresh image to everyone along with beautiful Kyoto sceneries.

Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station
Yasumichi Morita Randen Arashiyama Station
Yasumichi Morita Railway station
Yasumichi Morita design
Yasumichi Morita design
Yasumichi Morita

Born in Osaka, JAPAN in 1967. Since starting with a project in Hong Kong in 2001, he has successfully broadened his appeal to New York, London, Paris, Doha and other major cities. He has also enthusiastically been expanding his career as a designer displaying his talents across a wide variety of graphics and products. His works include Isetan Shinjuku Main Building-Remodeling Project ladies floors in 2013 and living and kids floors in 2015, which has received high praise. In 2013 his first monograph "GLAMOROUS PHILOSOPHY NO.1" was published by PARCO Publishing. He has been named to be a France goodwill ambassador 2015 for acknowledgment of his contribution to cultural exchange.

Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd.

Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. (Keifuku Denki Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha) is a railroad company based in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (but with offices in Fukui Prefecture) in operation since March 2, 1942. It is a parent company of Keifuku Bus, and an affiliated company of Keihan Electric Railway, which owns 42.89% of the company stock. The company's stock is traded on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange. This railway started service in 1910, operated at that time by Arashiyama Electric Tram Railway (Arashiyama Densha Kido). It was transferred to the Kyoto-based electric power generation company Kyoto Dento (Kyoto Dento). Later it built the Kitano Line.