CHC Digital Finch & Partners Website
Finch & Partners Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Finch & Partners Website

In taking the approach of displaying the entire web content on a single page, allowed the user interaction to be swift whilst providing a journey of discovery using hidden expandable content areas, all whilst maintaining a fluid layout. This includes the introduction of way points for easy navigation and parallax scrolling with a fluid layout.

Finch & Partners Website
CHC Digital Finch & Partners
CHC Digital Website
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CHC Digital design
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Based in London, CHC Digital provides innovative web, branding and print media design solution. It is our firm belief that careful consideration of the client's needs can accomplish designs which both look great and generate financial success. Armed with the motivation and forward thinking necessary in this contemporary market, our team of designers work closely with the client to give them the control they want and the expertise they need.