wiz crenology Tidfore Group Office building
Tidfore Group Office building is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Tidfore Group Office building

"Innovation, Speed, Cooperation, Passion" The motto of client's company which is in the area of Heavy Industry that manufacture massive machines. The intriguing feelings on the dilemma of lightness and heaviness, fast and slow...... are the concerns. To express this sophisticated feelings, Enormous unsymmetrical lines, forms and shapes are used on the building to show the complication. However, once all this elements joined together, the whole building shows the harmony within. To achieve the balance is the biggest challenge of the project.

Tidfore Group Office building
wiz crenology Tidfore Group
wiz crenology Office building
wiz crenology design
wiz crenology design
wiz crenology

Many offer their service. Some possess the know-how. Few are driven by passion. Very few deliver in spades. Born restless on an island (Hong Kong) in the roaring 90s. Experienced the historical moment, culture shock and up and down of the city. WIZ always express the point of view as what they believe. Art & Design are always the means for WIZ to tell the stories. WIZ live up his creative life to his own expectations and go beyond!

Tidfore Group

Tidfore Group, is mainly involved in heavy machinery manufacturing and turnkey system. (Provider of bulk material conveying equipment and professional system integration.) "Innovation, Speed, Cooperation, Passion" is the culture or motto of the company. Tidfore Group founded more than three years and the business landscape has expanded from China to Brazil, India, South Korea, southeast Asia, Australia and other overseas markets. Tidfore Group will wholeheartedly provide their professional technology, professional spirit, in order to let customers enjoy the best integrated solution. The first-class enterprise in China, The TIDFORE Group